Alumni Network

Once a K9er always a K9er

Regardless of how long we call this place Home, no one leaves K9 without a little bit of a heartache.

One of many off-grid adventures outside of K9.

We like to believe that the spirit and magic of the K9 community, if facilitated by our beautiful physical space, goes beyond the walls and lingers in our hearts and memories forever.

At K9 some people found love (3 weddings and counting), others found work, purpose and lifelong friendships. Many found answers to questions they never thought to ask.

The K9 experience does not end at the offboarding email or the farewell party. That is why we have created our Alumni network. A forum for former K9er to stay connected to the place they once called Home.

Like everything else in the house, the alumni network is co-created. Born from the effort of current and former residents, and completely optional.

A way to stay in touch and keep supporting each other no matter where we are in the world.

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