Well, by "smaller space" we only mean the bedroom space, because you will also have at home a cinema, a meditation/yoga room, an spacious office/event space, five well-equipped kitchens, many cozy living rooms and an atelier. Yet, K9 is about so much more than the space... 


high ceiling rooms

K9 is in a historical building which was a hotel before (it even has marble staircases!). The rooms have three meter high ceilings, tall windows, and very nice bathrooms with huge mirrors. Cleaning for both the shared areas and private rooms are included in the membership.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.30.21 AM.png

beautiful friendships

There are people you like who will help to fix your bow tie, lend you sugar, paint your nails, zip your dress, give you chocolate in the middle of the night, share your joy, celebrate your success, comfort and listen to you when you are sad... We are not only neighbours, we are family. 


fun events

K9 is a "party-comes-to-me" place. Social life happens effortlessly here. Board game evening, Sunday spa, Chinese dinner night, After-ski-themed Friday afterwork, three course Italian dinner, Halloween party, spontaneous flow dance session, Disney movie marathon... All co-created by K9ers. 

Getting some important bow tie help before the new year's dinner

Sunday spa snack constellation

"Being yourself is cool. Getting to explore yourself, though - priceless. Like on a lazy Sunday morning, when you stumble upon a "SPA day" in your living room. . and the image of me, an overgrown and hairy Balkan caveman, with a peel mask on, ginger-lemon shot in hand, sharing my first fall-in-love story. Pure bliss."
– Van

A chat history that perfect captured the essence of the free-flowing social life in K9

"Usually it takes 10 people before you get to meet one who picks your interest. This proportion is reversed in K9. The community here is just overwhelming, this people will blow your mind with their knowledge, skills, and humor! It happened to me to simply pass by my adorable 3rd floor kitchen on my way to bed and be stuck in a profound conversation that converted into a puzzling drinking game that led us to a techno-party somewhere in the more industrial areas of southern Stockholm. I am not sure how to put it, but it feels like you missed out in life if you never lived in K9"
- G

Quality alone time

"To my surprise, my alone time has so much higher quality now when I live in a coliving house, because I choose to be alone, instead of having to be alone – if I want to socialize, I just go to the kitchen or the living room, or have a shout on Slack. :) "
– Gu

Feel the thrill of epic board game battles

"Is there anything sweeter than the taste of victory? Whether it's the Olympics or Settlers of Catan, the thrill is more or less the same for me ;) So it's a wonderful silver lining to life at K9, to be able to effortlessly get together with intelligent, worthy opponents and play board games. This picture is from a close Dominion game where different tactics were at play and the result was uncertain until the end! Good thing we like each other so much that we still hug after all the in-game banter, haha."
– Fredrik

A normal Saturday, somehow a party spontaneously started in the kitchen

A normal Saturday, around 11am the kitchen became bubbly with people cooking. Small chats turned into a big plan. Spontaneously, we made a big potlock brunch with about 10 different dishes.

Some serious VR killing going on

For machines that are used sporadically like the VR game console or printers, it is so economical and environmentally-friendly to be co-owned by 50 people together.

A sick day in K9 may mean a lot of love

"Ludvig's mother always buys him "kräm" when sick. Kräm, well that is in Swedish, something jam-like that you make out of berries and fruit, but made for the very youngest that have not yet developed their taste buds. It was a Tuesday, week number 4 of the new year, and he was sick. We bought the kräm, had a calm evening filled with TV shows, the biggest blankets and a lot of love. We hope his mother feels confident with him in our caring hands. "
– K

Together we grow   "Life's bumps are not as scary when you know you have amazing people at home ready to open their arms, for you to cry in sometimes, and some other times, to push you forward."   – Mo

Together we grow

"Life's bumps are not as scary when you know you have amazing people at home ready to open their arms, for you to cry in sometimes, and some other times, to push you forward."

– Mo

A Very Merry Birthday Tea Party

"The beginning of my 28th year was celebrated with an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party in the house. Cupcakes, scones, mad hats, tea, champagne - all of my friends in the house brought foodie goodies to celebrate me! It was so touching, to be surrounded by friends who happily took their whole day off to prepare for and celebrate your birthday. They really are more like family. By the end of the afternoon, after hours of bubbles and laughter, my in-house family spontaneously gifted me an hour of a thousand-hands-massage... It was the best birthday and I have never felt so truly celebrated. What a Wonderful world we live in here at K9."
– Annie

It is so easy to find motivation for workouts when you always have buddies to go with

"Good habits spread like a virus in the house. Now we're almost 10 people signed up for the workout app Bruce and a group of people regularly (yet spontaneously) going climbing together. Viva co-living!"
– Ludvig

A Friday evening with an "after ski" theme

"'Bästa svängen-Hökarängen!' Yes, the swedish movie Sällsakpsresan 2- Snowroller is a classic for a reason. With this fantastic movie in mind, and memories from european afterskis, we gathered on 2nd floor. Jhonathan put on some german hits and Raphael made some real cheese fondue. We wrote in slack to reach everyone that felt for hanging out, and we dressed up in fanciest ski-clothes (or maybe more like what we want to think that skiing people wear) and pretended that we where on this sporty trip together. Of course, the night was magical."
– K

Home cooked Chinese dinner with "big talk questions"

"I enjoy food and I love to cook, especially for the people I care about, so to arrange a home cooked dinner at K9 is almost a given. To my surprise, it was quite easy too – many people helped out with chopping, washing, setting up tables and even stirring in the wok! To my delight, everyone enjoyed my Sichuan dishes while answering 'big talk questions' like 'what makes you you?' or 'What do you value?' We talked into the night and bonded for real."
– Gu

Spontaneous co-created Sunday brunch

"I had woken up early that Sunday when I met Per in the hallway. 'Would you like to go for brunch?' I asked. 'Yes, that would be great!' he replied. 'I know of a place in Söder, but I'm not sure if they have vegan' I said. 'Hmm, Perhaps, we can make it here?' Per strike back with one of his great ideas.

Without thinking it too much, we found ourselves walking in the white Stockholm, hunting for fresh ingredients to make pancakes, juice, and what not. Once we were back, we set our camp in the kitchen and started with the preparations...

'Good morning, what are you guys doing?' A friend that was going to the kitchen saw us and asked. 'We're making brunch. Would you like to join?' We replied. 'How can I help?' she replied...

Sometimes the unplanned beats the carefully planned. And that's how we ended up having a homemade and cozy brunch on an early cold November morning."

Celebrating Christmas with our family

"We brought together everyone who was home for Christmas, my most memorable Christmas so far!" - C

Several people joined who had never celebrated Christmas before! We had a super tasty potluck dinner, Secret Santa (present exchange game), and Christmas song Karaoke in many languages. We had representation from Israel, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Italy, China, Ukraine and India (in this picture) plus Japan, Qatar and more Swedes joined later. Two of our housemates work for a vegan food company, one of them as a cook, so at the buffet we had vegan versions of Swedish Christmas ham, ribs, sausages, meatballs, sour cream and herring!

Our next door park Humlegården - Stockholm's central park - turns into a winter wonderland after snow.

When it snows, the little hill turns into a sledging heaven. The first K9er spotted this shouted in the Slack channel and many more joined soon after. No fun event is missed when there are 50 k9ers scouting them together.

Our house dog Riley

"You know there is a saying english that goes "living the life of Riley"? Do you know what it stands for? Living the good life. Riley is not just our house pet. He is the Life of the 5th floor. A fur-ball of Love. He too has his own insecurities and life trauma, and together, we heal each others. I like to think we have a special relationship, probably because we have the same love for weird fashion statement and bright colours. It's probably been proven many times that having pets around make life sweeter. But having Riley around, is much more than sweet, it's borderline diabetes."
– Mo

Fruits and smoothie treat for all, on a normal day

Since we got the three layer serving tray platters, we have been treated constantly by our warm-hearted housemates – honey cake, smoothies, fruits, cookies... When there's always food to grab in the kitchen, it feels so much like home.

Saving our fig tree

People have been a little "too helpful" by watering our fig tree a little too much. But it doesn't matter, a team of people also got together to save it – pouring out the excess water, changing the soil, buying new soil, planting it back. How nice one doesn't have to do everything alone.

Our house DJ enjoying a session with a very responsive crowd

Even though our house DJ has had many gigs, he prefers K9 so much better. He said he never had a audience this responsive before. Once the music is on, the crowd started to dance immediately, every single time. So little inhibition, so much fun.

House cat Kissen

"If your parents taught you it's bad to point at others, well, here's an exception to the rule, because this little cutie pie likes to scratch her face against a finger. Also, her mum told me that Kissen likes a good little pat on the back and a face massage and sure enough, it became a habit that as soon as I came into the room, she would run to the scratch pad for her 'treatment'. A nice little ritual that maybe we can consider, in an adapted version, for the humans in the house too ;) Another lovely thing was when I was doing some computer work in the room and she came up to lie next to me in bed. Furry creatures do create fuzzy feelings!"
– Fredrik

Our park Humlegården is stunning in every season.

Our next door park Humlegården is the equivalent of Central Park in Stockholm. Such gorgeous trees and beautiful lawns. We feel so fortunate to live so close to this treasure, and we can always go there for walks, picnics and contemplating life..

Arturo brings candy and cake during our Disney movie marathon - 12 hours of Wall-E, Lion King, Finding Nemo, Up...

We never lack brilliant hangout ideas here at K9, but a Disney movie marathon is definitely a top one. We camped out on the big sofa and watched some of the most loved animations – Wall-E, Lion King, Up – from 9am to 9pm. Even though we are from many different countries, we actually share a lot of sweet memories through these movies. What a magical day of nostalgia and bonding. Of course, it became even better when Arturo suddenly showed up with a big bag of candy and two cakes!

It is wonderful to have a master chef/food marketer in the house

Every Monday, our master chef will create a master piece to be photographed. The good news for us is that after the photoshoot, we always have a tasty treat waiting in the kitchen. Hurray!