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Welcome home to K9, the self organized coliving in Östermalm, Stockholm


Breaking social isolation since 2016 ✌️

At K9, we live our life within 1200m² of common spaces, pods and individual rooms. And it’s all co-created in the way we like it to be.

The home we share. Within 4 floors and 1200m² of total space, we share 5 kitchens, watch movies, co-work, meditate, explore new traditions and so much more. It’s up to us all to co-create the space we need. Right next to the blossoming Humlegården in Östermalm.

Primate Room

Single & Double Rooms

Great for couples, singles and roomies who are looking for some extra privacy. Here you’ll get a lot of space for decorating your own bed- and bathroom, while still having access to all the shared spaces.

Shower Icon

Private bathroom

Extra privacy while still having access to the common spaces.


Sleeping Pods

Moving here is like joining a mini 4 people community within the K9 Community. “The pod people” have their own onboarding, guidelines and rituals to make sure sharing a small space together remains a beautiful experience. You get your very own bed, window, desk, storage and a curtain for privacy. In the shared hallway you have extra storage and access to the shared bathroom.

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A social experience

Smaller space, deeper connections. And yet, all the privacy and quiet time you need.

Shared Spaces Icon

Shared spaces

Sharing hallway and one bathroom with 3 other housemates. And you also have more shared bathrooms in the common spaces as well.

Small Pod


Forget the wobbly twin bunks you shared with your siblings. These adult bunk beds are something else. A shelf or two for your favorite items and a thick curtain for privacy will make it feel much more homey. You also have your own cupboard and drawer in the room for your wardrobe.

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A minimalistic lifestyle

A great option for people exploring minimalism. Contrary to what you may think, not only for extroverts: 6 in the room, and yet, you’ll be surprised at how private and quiet it feels.

Shared Spaces Icon

Shared spaces

Sharing hallway and one bathroom with 5 other housemates. And you also have more shared bathrooms in the common spaces as well.

Podcast about Coliving

Lana: It’s not about living cheap, it’s about living well

Lana moved into K9 a few months after it opened and called it Home for several years. It gave her the balance in life she needed after 7 different countries.

For Lana the magic in the house happens through people coming together, feeding off each other's energy and ideas. She loved the wonderful sense of freedom, effortlessness and independence she felt there, the benefit of always having someone to do something with, and discovering new ways to socialise. This way of life has forced her to reflect a lot on expectations, her own and others’ as well as how she wants to live in the future.

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Dani: Radical inclusion, a really good principle to live by

Dani is from the US originally but spent the biggest part of the past 20 years in the south of France. She works on water, climate and sustainable development issues, she is a musician and now, a coliver. Moving to a new country for work amid the pandemic, leaving her family in France, getting a "built in" community at K9 brought great comfort, joy and growth.

Philip: Coliving has stolen my heart

After a lot of traveling and a career that did not fill him with joy anymore went back home to Stockholm in search of more purpose and deeper connections. At K9, living in the smallest of the rooms, his life is expanding exponentially each year. Living with 50 people, each genuine encounter and deep connection has brought more meaning to his life as well as opportunities to grow and increase self awareness and wellbeing.

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