K9 was created in 2016 by Tech Farm, with the idea that we can use 60% less space per person and still increase well-being and quality of life. Right now, there are 50 of us K9ers, half of which are Swedes, the rest are expats from 21 nationalities. We are a diverse bunch from all walks of life: doctor, designer, investor, professional match maker, ballet dancer, programmer, architect, politician, vegan food marketer, entrepreneur, event manager, inspirational speaker, teacher... 


With such diversity, it is not strange when new businesses are born by the kitchen stove, life epiphanies happen after bumping into someone at the entrance, life-long friendships are born when you are just boiling tea water after getting up in the morning ...


zen room

This is probably the most loved room in the house. We use it for meditation, yoga, free flow dance and get-togethers

Second floor kitchen

This kitchen has a big island, two induction stoves and two sinks, so it is the heart of the house's gastronomical events

Green house

The green house where you can enjoy a mindful game of chess or play La La Land on the piano.

Cinema & big sofa

With a proper big screen, a high definition projector, and lots of cozy seats, this room is used so much for movies and VR games

Marble stairs

The building used to be a hotel. We just love these marble stairs with beautiful wood and iron art features

First floor kitchen

One of our five kitchens, normally it is more used for group events such as brunches, dinners and after works.

Office/event space

The office space has natural light system installed so even during the darkest months in the Swedish winter, it is a good work environment here

Main entrance

During our numerous events and parties, this becomes a bubbly space filled with chatters and laughs


We have four cozy balconies facing the calm and green inner yard. Absolutely lovely for reading a book in the summer.

Whether you want to have your own room or share, we got you covered, as the house has double rooms, single rooms, bunk beds and pods (mini-rooms). The monthly cost consists of rent plus membership fee, covering co-working space, in-room and shared space cleaning, house supplies, arts space, events and lots of hugs.